City of Eugene Community Safety Payroll Tax
MUNIRevs Frequently Asked Questions

What is MUNIRevs?

Rather than invest in setting-up a new tax collection system, the city is contracting with MUNIRevs to administer and collect the payroll tax through an online portal. They provide a similar service for municipalities across the country.

How can MUNIRevs help me?
Whether you have a question about your account or technical questions about how to do something in MUNIRevs, please reach out to the support team - or at (888) 751-1911.
I am already registered with the State of Oregon. Do I need to register again?
Yes. The City of Eugene’s payroll tax is not connected with the State of Oregon, so you cannot use that registration. Each business will be given an account number to use exclusively for the payroll tax.
Do employees have to register or file any returns?
No. The employer is responsible for registering a business, withholding the tax from employee wages, submitting the required returns, and remitting the tax to the City of Eugene.

Can I manage multiple businesses with one login?
Yes. Click “Add accounts” from your user login under “Manage Your Account(s).” You will need your 6-digit account number and the MUNIRevs activation code to connect to an existing business record.
Can a business have more than one user?
Yes. Each business can have an unlimited number of users. Each user is required to provide the 6-digit account number and the MUNIRevs activation code to be authorized to connect to an existing business record.
How do I change the User on a Business?
All users need to register by going to the home page. You will click on the "Go" button under "New Users.” You will also need the 6-digit account number and activation code for the business.

I forgot my password. What do I do? 
From the login page, click the “Forgot your password” link and follow the instructions that will be e-mailed to the User’s registered e-mail address.
Do I have to login to MUNIRevs to see my alerts and reminders?
No. All alerts are e-mailed to your authenticated e-mail address. When you login to the system, you will also see any open alerts that need to be addressed in your Action Center.
Where are my tax forms? My Action Center is empty.
Your tax forms will be available on the 1st day of the month following the last day of the tax period. For example, quarterly tax forms will be available in your Action Center on April 1, 2021 for the first quarter of 2021.If you do not see the forms you expected, simply contact MUNIRevs support for assistance.
I need to close my account. What do I do?
Please email the City of Eugene at Please include the closure date and the reason you are closing the account. 

What in the debit block ID / originator ID for online checks?
The debit block ID / originator ID is 9000020398.
What payment types are accepted by the City through MUNIRevs for individual filings?
The City accepts ACH Debit (or e-checks) as well as Mastercard and Visa credit cards. American Express is not accepted.
MUNIRevs also offers ACH credit. To pay by ACH Credit, please download the ACH Credit Form and e-mail it to to add this setting to your account.
What payment types are accepted by the City through MUNIRevs for XML filings?

XML filing accepts ACH Debit (e-checks) or ACH credit payment methods. The credit card payment method is not accepted in the XML. Users cannot file a tax return via XML and mail a check to the City to complete payment. Filing via the XML requires an online payment method.

Bulk filers using the XML do not need to be approved by MUNIRevs or the City to pay by ACH Credit. The ACH Credit approval process is only for businesses not using the XML.

Can I schedule a payment in MUNIRevs?
For your security, MUNIRevs does not store any payment information. You will need to enter your desired payment information each time you check out. If you would like to transmit payments via ACH Credit, e-mail for payment instructions and to add this setting to your account.
I'm trying to pay with an Online Check, but the transaction keeps failing. What do I do?
Please email for assistance.
What if I don't have any subject wages for a quarter?
A ‘zero’ subject wages return is due even if you have you don’t have any subject wages for the quarter.
Can I file a 'zero' return through MUNIRevs?
Yes. To file a ‘zero’ return, select your tax form from your Action Center. Then, complete all the required information on return. You will be prompted to confirm your submission of a ‘zero’ return.
How do I amend a return?

Please e-mail letting us know you need to file an amended return. In the email please put “Amend request” in the subject line and include:

1) Your six-digit account number,  business name, and FEIN if you have one. Do NOT include your Social Security Number (SSN).

2) Period you need to amend (i.e. 1st quarter Form EUG-PY-1 due April 30).

3) If you overpaid or underpaid your original form.

4) Brief explanation as to why the form needs to be amended.

You will receive further instructions once this information is reviewed.

What if I want to file my report online but mail in my check or pay in person?
You can file online and make your payment separately by mail or in person. However, please note that your tax filing will not be considered complete until the City of Eugene receives your payment. The City will honor either the date you bring the payment in person or the postmark date. Late payments may result in penalties, and interest.
What if I am unable to use the MUNIRevs online system?

The City of Eugene allows businesses to submit paper returns and payments (including money orders and cashier’s checks) via mail, as well as pay-in-person at the downtown location –

100 West 10th Avenue Suite 400

Eugene Oregon 97401

Visit our website for more information.

For Assistance, Contact
(888) 751-1911
When contacting support, be sure to include Eugene and your account number in all emails or voicemails. This will help you receive prompt assistance. Thanks!